Geek Turned Eyelash Expert

Initially undecided on the field in which he would find himself, Christopher Chin, a university graduate in computer information systems, found his place in the beauty industry, which offers eyelash extension services years later.

After graduating, he followed in his father’s footsteps and finally realized that his decision to enter this industry was made for the wrong reasons. Opportunities have emerged over the years, such as the position of purchasing coordination that he held in 2006 in a company that finally decided to reduce its workforce in October because his position was no longer available. Like any passionate person, Christopher felt that he needed an area that would pique his interest, and after being fired, he would do everything he could to make this Vision a reality.

After that, constantly looking for a job, he got a part-time job in a wellness center for a man who had just started his business. Working in the Backend of the company, Christopher began to be interested in permanent cosmetics. It was a little out of his element, and certainly not an area that he had given much thought to, but he kept asking himself: “Could I learn and be part of the beauty industry?”. He soon realized that he really could do it.

Under the guidance of an experienced technician, he enrolled at the Beau Institute in Mount Laurel to become a licensed permanent cosmetic technician in New Jersey in less than a month. With the skills acquired during his training, he began to develop his clientele by performing procedures at the wellness center that eventually resulted in eyelash extensions. “It was such a fun art form and required a lot of patience. Again, I didn’t know if I could do it or see myself. I decided to learn it because I knew it would improve my skills. Moreover, not many people did it, so I thought that I could be unique and stand out from the rest.”His boss added another skill and sent him to Xtreme Lashes, where he trained and acquired another license in the beauty industry as an Xtreme Lashes stylist. While gaining all his practical experience and learning so much thanks to the wellness center, he knew that he had to exercise his skills himself in September 2012.

Today you can find Christopher, who works alone as a freelancer and provides eyelash extension services mainly in the center of Jersey, with an open mind to many opportunities elsewhere. To further develop his skills, he wants to expand his List of certifications, such as his current enrollment in the Salon Professional Academy for the cosmetology program.

He has found that what he is doing now for his career keeps bringing him the spark that he lacked in his previous jobs outside the beauty industry. He has many wishes for his future projects “ “my biggest dream is to work in a medical environment, for example in a plastic surgeon’s office. I want to continue offering my services to improve people’s faces and make them smile. This is my passion and I will continue to grow and adapt to the different beauty trends.”

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