High Tech Beauty Products You Can Use at Home

Beauty is hard work. Many procedures, products and exercises are necessary to achieve what you want with skin and hair care. Beauty routines have become high-tech. These are the essential high-tech beauty products that everyone needs at home:


A Clarisonic Skin Cleaner system brush is essential for a deep cleaning. There is a brush for every skin type. It penetrates deeper into the skin than a typical wash, as the brushes move over your pores 300 times per second. It only takes a few minutes to use.


Quasar LED light therapy helps fight wrinkles and acne. Baby Quasar’s light red, dark red, amber and infrared LED light therapy reduces wrinkles. The blue LED light kills acne bacteria. You can use it twice a week for less than 15 minutes for treatment.

RepHair by Pierre Michel is a line of essential products for your hair. It heals shampoos and conditioners. The best thing about this particular line is that it is the first of its kind. It heals the hair by repairing damaged DNA.

Hair Removal

The TRIA 4X hair removal laser is the first and only hair removal laser for home use approved by the FDA. With all its new features, it is easy to use and covers more skin area for hair removal. The LED indicator guides you throughout the treatment and has an autonomy of 30 minutes. Your skin will become smoother and more tactile after using this product.

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