Note Worthy Benefits of Facial Massages for Skin Health

To think that the fingertips can achieve such a trick may seem a bit exaggerated. Whether it’s relaxing facial muscles or challenging the force of aging on the skin, regular facial massages can do it all and more. So put on your coziest bathrobe, light a scented candle and get ready to unleash the many benefits of facial massages.

5 Benefits Of Facial Massage For Your Skin

1. Increased Blood Flow

Getting a facial massage is the fastest way to remove toxins from the face and stimulate blood circulation. It allows you to clean and drain naturally. The result? A brighter and redder skin that will put your blush to shame.

2. Alters Double Chin And Jawline

Facial massages can tighten the skin and help break down fats. Call it a natural contour, maybe? Cheekbones that can cut the glass? Look at this. A razor-sharp jaw? Check again. Okay, maybe this is an exaggeration, but when you keep doing it, you will notice a difference in the jaw, cheeks, chin and neck.

3. Refreshes The Skin And Reduces Swelling.

Tired? Is there swelling? Treat your skin with a 2-minute facial massage to say goodbye to those panda eyes and instantly press the refresh button on your skin. Gentle kneading, tapping and massage will stimulate lymphatic drainage and show these unwanted guests the way out. Our simple Protect N Glow Vitamin C under-eye brightening gel strengthens the skin barrier and does a great job of deflating those tired eyes.

4. Improves The Appearance Of Wrinkles

Who needs a time machine when you have facial massages by your side? They improve the circulation of blood and oxygen to the skin, which generates a natural and youthful glow that will make people ask for your skin care secrets.

5. Boosts Product Absorption

Have you ever felt like your skin care products are just “resting” on your skin and not really doing much? A good facial massage can create a VIP pathway for your serums and moisturizers to penetrate deep into your skin. Having said that, have you tried our Hyaluronic Acid 3% + Vitamin B5 Booster Serum? This serum penetrates deep into your skin and never fails to give you that coveted look.

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