The Lazy Girl Guide to Washing Your Face

Face washing has been the eternal struggle of lazy girls all over the world for years. If you are younger and more prone to acne, you tend to brush your teeth more often to get rid of unwanted “friends” who have appeared. As we get older, the stress of work, relationships and trying to maintain a social life take over, and skin care seems to be such a task. At the end of a long day, a quick and easy clean-up is essential, leaving more time for important things like wine and bad reality TV.

Enjoy your eyes on some of the lifesaving products that will help you remove the extra makeup at the end of the day:

Ole Henrikson makeup Remover Wipes – these villains not only remove the most exciting waterproof makeup but also smell like a creamy apple. Please don’t eat them, even if you will be very tempted. Leave them in their beds for the nights when you lie down and look at the bathroom door with an “I can’t” face.

Perricone MD Blue Plasma cleaning treatment you don’t wear a lot of makeup and more of an everyday look, this blue bottle will be your friend. It leaves no residue on the skin and a little goes a long way. It is enough to put something on a cotton pad and wipe the day.

Caudalie Cleansing Water-for extremely sensitive skin, this is a godsend. It is a makeup remover that also restores moisture and soothes the skin during application instead of making it dry or tight.

Glamglow Daily Cleanser – there are several variations of this daily cleansing/mask duo that are suitable for most skin problems. Apply it as a mask on dry skin, then slowly add water to transform the mud into a more milky texture with a clean finish. I recommend applying cleansing water (Caudalie) to the face very quickly before applying the mask, as this product works best with most face makeup.

The days when you feel guilty about sleeping with makeup on are long gone with these simple products. Wake up and feel refreshed without a pillowcase with a variety of colors that were once on your face.

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