Top Four Lipstick Dupes

Don’t let the heat dictate your lipstick. If you are afraid of bouncing and messy lipstick because of high temperatures, look no further than liquid lip stains, lipsticks and matte lipsticks. All three are fashionable this summer in different colors, but I put the shovel on four Dupes of the warmest degree.


Instead of the Branch lipstick from Mac 17-Mac, opt for the almost identical color from Maybelline Sensational Creamy Matte Lip Color in Touch of Spice. The formula is applied smooth but dry with a matte finish. Ideal for everyday use, this lip complements all skin tones and all makeup looks.

The infamous Purple Tone is all over Instagram and could cost you a pretty penny. The most famous color is MAC’s mannequin, which is associated with the swirl of lipstick. If these items are sold out (and they will be) or if you don’t feel comfortable spending a lipstick, you can go to your Ulta or your local destination to pick up NYX’s floating Kiss. Because only you get a super rich interface. Or to tighten your lips, you can always switch to a matte lip with a translucent powder.


If full-body makeup is not an option for a hot summer day, choosing a bold lip color is an easy way to always be glamorous without fearing a fluid mess. Although dark lips are considered a winter/autumn trend, they work well for summer, especially on summer nights. Lip Pencil-NARS Velvet in Belle Mare is a beautiful wine color, but at an affordable price it adds bitterness to the pencil on the lips and long-lasting only for E. L. F. Essential. Not only does it offer the same bold color, but it is also durable.


Classic red is present at any time of the year and summer is no exception. Red lips are suitable for everyone and basically for everything. They easily add a touch of color to your Look. You can buy the cream lip color from the Sephora collection in 01 Always red for you can buy Revlon ColorBurst matte Balm in flashy for less than. It has a matte finish and moisturizing properties such as shea butter, mango and coconut.

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